Lanyards Accessories

All our lanyards come fitted with a standard hook included in the price; however we have a large selection of alternatives available. Moreover, you can make your lanyard giveaways more versatile by adding more than one type to it.

lanyard clip styles

All our lanyards can be fitted with breakaway clips. These ensure the wearers safety in the event of snagging the strap and can be easily re-attached. Several types are available.

Another feature that can be added to your lanyards for versatility is to add a buckle, allowing the lower portion of the lanyard to be removed. e.g. for a memory stick. Several styles are available.

lanyard buckles

Using your lanyards as key chains, or buying mini lanyards? Adding a carabineer allows the wearer to clip the lanyards to their belt loop or bag. Carabineer choices include clocks, compasses, bottle openers, shaped (dog bone, horse, fish etc.), double clipped, combination locks and so much more!

Used separately as a ski-pass holder, or just as a tidy extension to your lanyard, this retractable reel is very useful for ID swipe cards. This too can be customized with your logo or message and if required has a plastic button clip to allow ease of attachment and removal of identity cards.

We have a wide range of card holders available to combine with your lanyard order. Perfect for holding ID cards, pass cards, conference info and business cards etc they are available in all shapes and sizes. In addition to the standard lightweight and flexible PVC wallets we also supply rigid card holders and executive style leather holders - we can source any type you are looking for.

id badge holders

Add a small novelty on a chain to your chosen lanyard. We have several choices readily available, or we can design one specific to your campaign. Perhaps you are promoting healthy exercise and want a pair of running shoes, or maybe a love heart will add meaning to your message. Whatever you can think of, we will do our utmost to reproduce it for you!

If there are any other accessories that you would like to include in your lanyards order please contact us and we will be happy to source them for you.